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Magnetic Paddle Shifters in Carbon fiber by RSI c6

 Magnetic Paddle Shifter 

 The Future of Precision Gear Shifting

Discover the innovative technology behind RSI C6's Magnetic Paddle Shifters, a game-changing addition to our product line designed for your car. These shifters represent the perfect blend of performance, design, and cutting-edge technology.

What Are Magnetic Paddle Shifters?
Magnetic paddle shifters are a revolutionary advancement in automotive technology, replacing traditional mechanical linkage with a magnet-based system. This technology uses magnets and Hall-effect sensors to create a contactless connection, resulting in a more responsive and reliable gear shifting experience. The key benefits of magnetic paddle shifters include:

1. Improved Responsiveness: Magnetic shifters provide faster and more accurate gear shifts, enhancing the driving experience.
2. Durability: Without physical contact, there's less wear and tear, significantly increasing the lifespan of the shifters.
3. Enhanced Tactile Feedback: Drivers experience a crisp, satisfying click with each shift, offering superior tactile feedback compared to traditional shifters.

RSI C6 Magnetic Paddle Shifters for AUDI/BMW/MINI
- Premium Material: Crafted from the highest quality carbon or forged carbon, ensuring both strength and lightness.
- Design and Compatibility: Custom-designed for seamless integration with a lot of car models.
- Finish Options: Choose from glossy or matte finishes to complement your vehicle’s interior.

Embrace the Future of Driving:
Upgrade your car with RSI C6's Magnetic Paddle Shifters and experience the pinnacle of driving precision and enjoyment.

Magnetic Touch
Dynamic Drive
only with RSI c6

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