Adjustment rear camber arms
  • Adjustment rear camber arms

    code: R50/53/56_B_CAMBER for 1^ & 2^ generation

    code: F56_B_CAMBER for 3^ generation


    Rear control arms are a great solution because they give the user the ability to adjust camber and toe settings on the rear of a MINI. This is especially useful on lowered vehicles and for MINI drivers that like to fine-tune their suspension setup. The adjustment isn't the only benefit; the Rear Control Arms are over lighter than the OEM arms, and eliminate the soft rubber bushes reducing deflection from this area. The bearings are of racing quality and extremely robust, they also come with a nylon inner coating to ensure over time they don't become tired and develop play.Adjusting the control arms is very simple. By simply loosening the two lock nuts against the rode ends the centre bar will twist inwards/outwards allowing camber to be gained or removed. These arms are a cost effective way of ensuring that your vehicles geometry can be set for the exact intended use. Approximate adjustment range (Ride Height Dependant) = 0 to -4 Degree's..

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